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Completely Tapeless, It Records Onto a Tiny SD Memory Card for Fast Transfer to PCs;
Available Now at Sears Stores, Nationwide

CHATSWORTH, CA, November 17, 2003 – Americans love to record family events, especially those once-in-a-lifetime moments as the baby’s first steps, weddings, graduations and spontaneous moments at home or on vacation. So, in order to record it all, we've had to take along both a bulky camcorder for shooting video and a separate digital or film camera for still pictures. And, because it’s inconvenient to lug around and keep track of multiple devices, we often choose to take one along and leave the other behind. Sometimes, it’s a decision we regret. The new Fisher FVD-C1 Pocket CameraCorder™, from Fisher Multimedia, makes such compromises a thing of the past. Capable of superb, DVD-like video recording with CD-like audio quality, the unique Fisher CameraCorder can also take high-resolution, 3.2 megapixel still images. Compact enough to fit snugly in your hand or carry easily inside a pocket or small purse, it’s the ideal, all-in-one device for capturing life’s special moments whenever and wherever they occur.

At just 5.4 ounces†, the Fisher CameraCorder is the world’s lightest high-resolution MPEG-4 camcorder and digital camera with memory card storage*. It incorporates advanced MPEG-4 digital recording and a proprietary, state-of-the-art MPEG-4 chip for richly detailed images and sound.

Storage is completely “tapeless,” and comes in the form of an included, postage stamp-size 512 megabyte SD memory card, which lets users record up to 30 minutes of full-motion video at an industry standard 30-frames-per-second (VGA-size: 640x480). In still mode, the 512MB card can store up to 491 images (2048x1536), more than enough for crisp, sharp 11” x 14” color prints. And, unlike ordinary camcorders, users –while recording in video mode– can simultaneously capture still images with a simple shutter press.

The Fisher FVD-C1 CameraCorder has a suggested retail price of $899.99.

Consumer use digital video camera category, with better than VGA camcorder resolution (as of 10/1/03).
† CameraCorder only; without battery or SD memory card.

“Nearly 10 million digital cameras and 5.7 million traditional camcorders are now sold annually in the U.S.,” stated Isaac Levy, vice president, sales and marketing for Sanyo Fisher Company’s Audio Video Division. “We chose to introduce an all-in-one digital camcorder after special Fisher focus group testing showed that 55% of the respondents preferred a combination digital camera and digital camcorder. Over 60% of the age group 20-29, the group normally considered to be early adopters of digital photography technology, and over 50% in both the 30-39 and 40-49 age groups, likewise, preferred the Fisher CameraCorder. Strong interest was also shown by current owners of either a digital camera or digital camcorder as well as by both men and women.

“The Fisher Pocket CameraCorder,” Levy added, “offers a cost-effective, technology-driven, pocket-size solution for individuals and families wishing to have the best of both worlds –digital still photography and full-motion digital video.”

Since the CameraCorder records both video and still images as individual digital files, it’s fast and easy to transfer them to your PC or Mac for playback or sharing via e-mail attachments with friends and family. The CameraCorder comes with a Multifunction Docking Station that connects to a computer via an included high-speed USB 2.0 connection cable. The Docking Station can be used as a battery charger or as an AC power source during playback. It can also be used to easily connect the CameraCorder to a TV or PC for convenient, instant playback of recently shot videos and images. A handy, ultra-thin infrared remote control is included for simplified menu browsing and playback.

The CameraCorder also comes equipped with a special PC Kit of high-performance moviemaking software. These tools build on the FVD-C1’s impressive in-camera editing capability and help prepare your edited programs for transfer to DVD or creation of a Video CD disc. Supplied software includes:

  • Motion Director, the world’s first image stabilizing software for the PC, reduces the effects of a shaking camera hand by detecting unwanted camera movement in video files. Statistical analysis helps ensure a stable and highly accurate image during playback.
  • Ulead Video Studio 7 SE DVD for editing and assembling MPEG-4 video files and translating files for burning in DVD, VCD or SVCD format.
  • Ulead Photo Explorer 8.0 SE Basic for quickly viewing and trimming video files, plus viewing and editing photo files.
  • Quick Time 6.3 for video playback in MPEG-4 format.

Fisher FVD-C1 Pocket CameraCorder Key Features:

  • World’s Lightest High-Resolution MPEG-4 Camcorder/Digital Camera with Memory Card Storage*
  • Proprietary, low power consumption MPEG-4 chip enables recording at the 2Mbps bit needed to capture over half an hour of DVD-like full-motion, 30-frames-per-second video on the included 512MB SD memory card.
  • Over one hour of high-resolution video recording time is possible with 1 gigabyte SD memory cards (not included), available soon
  • Tape-Free Design simplifies operation; memory card provides instant access to files
  • Fits Snugly in the Palm of a Hand or Inside a Pocket (2.7” x 4.3” x 1.3” & only 5.4 ounces!†)
  • DVD-Like Quality Video Resolution (VGA: 640x480; Full-Motion 30fps)
  • True 3.2 Megapixel Digital Still Images
  • 3.2 Megapixel CCD Image Sensor
  • CD-Quality Stereo Sound (AAC Audio)
  • Simplified On-Screen Menus easily guide the viewer through recording/playback options
  • Audio Recorder Mode for convenient, audio-only recordings with CD sound quality
  • Up to 30 Minutes of DVD-Like Quality Recording or 80 Minutes of VHS-Quality Recording (with Supplied 512MB Memory Card)
  • Up to 491 Pictures in High 3.2 Megapixel Resolution (2048 x 1536) mode or up to 3931 Pictures in Normal 0.3 Megapixel Resolution (640 x 480) mode (with Supplied 512MB Memory Card)
  • 6-Mode Auto Exposure Mode with Manual Override for detailed, lifelike stills under a wide range of shooting conditions
  • 3-Mode Flash: Auto, Forced, Off
  • 3-Mode Auto Focus for fine-tuning auto focus sensitivity
  • 9-Image Display Playback for up to nine thumbnail views at a time on the monitor screen
  • 5.8X Optical Zoom Lens; 10X Digital Zoom
  • Playback Zoom/Search for enlarging or reducing the displayed image using the thumb-operable Telephoto/Wide Angle zoom slider switch
  • Rotating Color TFT LCD Monitor with Mirror Mode makes it easy to shoot from virtually any angle or perspective
  • Adjustable LCD Brightness Control
  • Multifunction Status Indicator: an LED indicator atop the FVD-C1 verifies function status
  • Direct Dubbing allows copying directly from the FVD-C1 to a VHS VCR or DVD recorder with supplied AV cable
  • Multifunction Docking Station with Handy Infrared Remote Control
  • Power Save Function helps conserve power in recording mode after a specified period of inactivity
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 Connectivity
  • Lithium-Ion Battery and AC Operation

*Consumer use digital video camera category, with better than VGA camcorder resolution (as of 10/1/03).
† CameraCorder only; without battery or SD memory card.

For editorial contact only:

Michael R. Harris
Harris Public Relations
for SANYO-Fisher Company
Tel: (714) 966-0258

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