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Portable Digital Audio Slim Audio Systems Home Theater Speakers
>> Home Theater Speakers - DSC-FX510 | SW-525


Enhance your home entertainment environment without
adding clutter to your living space.  This unique front speaker
design allows you to experience multi-dimensional, vibrant
sound from a self-contained system producing sound quality matched to today’s advanced digital video products.  The
system incorporates Binaura™ advanced signal processing technology and provides a number of key advantages over
existing home theater setups: 1) solves the problem of how
to route speaker wiring in the home, 2) virtually eliminates
complex, surround speaker setup and placement, 3) has a
very wide “sweet spot” for group home theater listening
experience, and 4) provides this in a simple, unobtrusive
single speaker enclosure configuration.

  • Designed to placement and to fit into most TV stands shelves
  • Designed to placement into most TV stands shelves
  • Three 3” high efficiency, full range speaker drivers
  • 6.5” built-in subwoofer driver
  • Four channel, ultra-high frequency Class-D amplifiers
  • 100W system power (20W x 3 main speakers + 40W subwoofer)
  • Advanced multi-channel processing decodes Dolby Digital® 5.1 audio
  • Requires only a single audio cable connection
  • Unobtrusive, single speaker enclosure design
  • Source inputs:1 Toslink optical (TV, DVD or Game) ,1 SPDIF coax (TV or DVD), 1 Analog (TV default on power on)
  • Independent volume controls (master and subwoofer)
  • Full featured IR remote control (source select, mute, system volume)
  • Solves speaker wire routing dilemma
  • Unit dimension 12.5" (W) x 6.75" (H) x 16" (D)

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