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Why Online Casinos Offer Free Spins as a Bonus

Slots are one of the most, if not the most popular online gambling options. They are easy to understand and very dynamic – you can get a spin every two seconds, give or take. No wonder there are dozens of online casinos built exclusively on slots – it’s a perfect entertainment.

Online casinos, as well as most Internet companies, are in the volume business. They don’t make a lot of money off one player, the turnover rate is high, and their operating expenses will not change much whether they have a hundred players spinning reels on their website or a hundred thousand. So, they have to attract more customers to make the operation profitable.

Bonuses are the perfect way to do that. People inherently are drawn to free things, especially if those things fall into their lap unexpectedly. It feels like a miracle, so who wouldn’t like it? Online casinos use bonuses extensively as part of their acquisition and retention strategy. New customers sign up and deposit money expecting a welcome bonus – cash and free spins. Existing customers stay in place when they get free spins no deposit bonus from time to time. It costs a company nothing, and everybody is happy, so it’s a win-win whichever way you look at it.

Free spins are part of the freemium business model a lot of online companies employ. Considering that one isolated spin has less than a 50% win rate, statistically, the casino doesn’t lose money on these bonuses in the long run. But you never know when and where Fortune will show her golden hands – maybe these ten extra free spins you picked up by accident as the Independence Day bonus will let you hit the jackpot? Plus, no deposit free spins usually don’t have a lockup period and can be used immediately. It is a perfect gift for any online slot player and a brilliant business move at that.

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