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Portable Digital Audio Slim Audio Systems Home Theater Speakers
>> Portable Digital Audio - PH-DTA300



Wake up to your favorite tunes!  The programmable dual
alarm can be set to your iPod, radio or buzzer.  This compact
unit delivers incredible sound and is optimized to provide
rich bass performance through powerful, high-efficiency
speakers and dual-tuned ports.  In addition to great sound,
iPod users can experience true convenience by charging
your iPod overnight or while the iPod plays!  

  • Recharge your iPOD while it plays
  • Stereo input & output jacks for portable players
  • Programmable dual alarm
  • Wake up to iPod, radio or buzzer
  • AM/FM stereo digital tuner with 20 presets
  • Dual tuned speaker ports for rich bass
  • Included remote for iPod and AM/FM control
  • Backlit LCD display / 4-step LCD dimmer control
  • Convenient sleep & snooze modes
  • Clock battery backup
  • Electronic volume control
  • Unit dimension 10.5" (W) x 3.4" (H) x 6.25" (D)

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